Leading Learners Multi-Academy Trust

Welcome from the CEO

At Leading Learners, we really do believe that giving our pupils the chance to explore their talents, grasp opportunities and determine their own future should be at the heart of all that we do.

Leading Learners has a clear strategy for improvement, developed over time which has a proven track record of success. This is reviewed regularly in-line with national and local priorities and tailored specifically to the needs of individual schools.

The Trust recognises:

  • Differing starting points
  • Importance of school of schools context and culture
  • Individual strengths that exist in every school

Ensuring there is a careful balance between autonomy and standardisation through collaboration is key to our philosophy. We want schools to retain their unique character, whilst ensuring they are ambitious for all children through implementation of our robust systems and processes.

School improvement in Leading Learners is a collaborative model; it draws upon the expertise of leaders and staff in the Trust central team and across the schools to identify, develop and disseminate the very best practice.

Our track record is all about putting children first.