Leading Learners Multi-Academy Trust

Overchurch Junior School

Vision Statement: Respect, Believe, Achieve 

We recognise the importance of a kind, caring attitude to our community in which our families, school staff, school governors, and the wider community can work together to support our children in achieving their aspirations. We strive to create an atmosphere where all children and adults feel safe, values, and included. 

We want our children to enjoy a wide range of experiences which bring the curriculum alive and make learning fun. All of our staff work hard to ensure the best possible quality of education for the children in every year group. We believe that all children have a voice to be heard and that their well-being and education lie at the heart of all we do.

We are extremely proud of our children and their achievements as we strive to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to be the best they can be. 

By working together, we can excel. We have an excellent environment in which to learn academic and creative subjects but also to embed our school values of respect, believe and achieve.