Leading Learners Multi-Academy Trust

Our Values

Our mission

Our mission is simple; we help children find a path where they can explore their talents, grasp opportunities and determine their own futures. Giving each and every one of them chances and choices is at the heart of what we do. 
This is underpinned by our three core pillars; the building blocks for our approach: 
1. Inclusion: We provide a caring environment where we champion all our children. 
2. Equality of opportunity: We are firm in our belief that a child’s future should be defined by their talents and aspirations, not limited by the challenges they may face. 
3. Cultural appreciation: Education is broader than outcomes and inspections. It is about helping every one of our children to be proud of themselves, and the pride of their community. 

Our core values

Our values lie at the core of everything we do within our Trust. They inspire our all our members’ best efforts and direct our actions when it comes to helping each and every one of our children be the very best they can be.


-    Pride

-    Community

-    Ambition

-    Resilience

-    Integrity


Working together with shared values

Within our Trust we work together as one partnership. We are united through our shared values and moral purpose – that everyone within our organisation must act with integrity, and are led by clear and consistent protocols. We pride ourselves in our ability to strike a fine balance between supporting but challenging our academies, pushing them to collaborate in order to continually grow and improve.

Everything that we do at Leading Learners is centred on improving outcomes for our children, delivering learning experiences of an outstanding standard with the upmost professional integrity. We believe that all children can achieve great things, and equally that each member of staff can be outstanding in their role. 

We invest in exceptional opportunities to get the best out of our staff, helping them in turn to get the best out of our children. We challenge by asking the right questions, undertaking forensic analysis, reviewing and evaluating regularly to drive success.