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Laura Brogan - Trust Phonics Champion


Laura joined Reevy Hill, part of Leading Learners, in September 2018. She has taught across Key Stage 1 and led across school, specialising in Phonics and Early Reading. Laura initially implemented and championed a new Phonics scheme at Reevy Hill which resulted in an increase in Phonics attainment, with children making accelerated progress. Laura now leads Phonics across the Trust and is passionate about supporting leaders by building inspiration and helping colleagues overcome challenges. Above all, Laura aims to improve outcomes so that all children develop a love of reading and have the skills to become successful readers. 

Sophie Heightley - Trust Geography Champion


Sophie joined Woodside Academy, part of Leading Learners, in 2017. Sophie has taught across school, leading on Geography, English in KS2 and is the UKS2 phase leader. The Trust appointed Sophie as Geography Curriculum Champion after achieving the Bronze Geography Mark for Woodside in 2020. Sophie is committed to improving the quality and consistency of teaching and learning across the Trust. As part of her role, Sophie has supported teachers with planning and professional development so that the children have a high-quality curriculum that inspires curiosity, fascination and a general love of learning.

Jenny Simms - Research Champion


Jenny joined Woodside Academy, part of Leading Learners in 2019. Jenny is an experienced teacher who has taught across school. Jenny leads Science and has taken on the role of Staff Mental Health leader to promote positivity and reduce stress amongst staff. Jenny qualified as a Mental Health First Aider to support her work. Jenny has a keen interest in educational research; having introduced and led Building Learning Power at her previous school, as well as Talk for Writing which are both research driven strategies. Jenny secured a position as one of only a handful of Research Champions for Bradford. This means she will be doing research in her own class and across school to help improve teaching and learning for all children. Jenny looks forward to ensuring that her research proves interesting and useful across all schools in Leading Learners. 

Ana Priestley - Trust Foreign Languages Champion


Ana joined Woodside Academy, part of Leading Learners, in 2011. Ana started working at Worth Valley Primary, also part of Leading Learners, in 2018. Ana is an experienced teacher who has taught Foreign Languages across the Secondary (KS3 and KS4) and Primary (KS1 and KS2) age range. She has worked in a number of schools, constantly demonstrating high expectations and outstanding practice. Ana is passionate about languages. As a native Spanish speaker, she is committed to supporting new and experience primary teachers to raise the quality of teaching languages so that all children can benefit from a high standard of education. Ana believes that we are living in an increasingly globalised world and that it is very important to awaken children's interests in other people and cultures, beside the cognitive advantages that learning a foreign language brings.

Julie Batey - Trust PSHE Champion


Julie joined Worth Valley in September 2014. She has been teaching since 1998 and has experience of EYFS and KS1 and moved to Year 3 in 2019. She has led PSHE and RE and became the first school in Yorkshire to gain the Peace Mala accreditation which involved working with parents and the wider community to accept the growing and changing cultural differences in the area. Julie now leads PSHE across the Trust and is passionate about creating a stimulating learning ethos, characterised by empathy, mutual support, resilience, relevance, children reaching their full potential and inclusion of all pupils. She believes that life doesn’t happen in topics, it happens in moments and we need to ensure that we are preparing our children and staff for those moments!

Caroline Oram - Trust Art and Design Champion


Caroline has been an Early Years teacher for twenty years, predominantly working across Bradford and Keighley. Caroline had has always had a special interest in Art, ever since she studied Art as her specialism, alongisde Education at University. Caroline's creative interests extend into being a keen photographer and visiting galleries and exhibitions in her spare time. As a teacher, Caroline is particularly interested in the skills and processes of creating art and uses that expertise to ensure that schools develop an effective and exciting, skills based, Art curriculum.


Steph Metcalfe - Trust Early Years Champion


Steph has over 20 years of Early Years experience across a range of settings, having held positions in schools such as nursery manager, EYFS lead, and has been an advisory teacher across the Manchester authority. Steph has worked with schools across a range of authorities including Blackburn, Staffordshire, Wigan, Cheshire, Liverpool, Bradford and Manchester. Steph is passionate about the environment that our youngest children work within and have done much research into this, including a study trip to Bologna and being involved in the publication of the book, 'Places + children = learning'. Watching the spark in young children excites her, and using this to ensure our youngest children achieve their true potential, which in turn raises standards, is her motivator. 

Eve Pinder - Trust Science Champion


Eve joined Reevy Hill, part of Leading Learners, in 2017. She has taught across school, leading Science and was appointed the Trust Curriculum Champion in 2021. She has a keen interest in Science and is passionate about improving the delivery of the Curriculum and increasing the enrichment opportunities for children across the Trust. She believes that working collaboratively with other leaders is the most effective way to drive the subject forward, ultimately inspiring the children’s love and curiosity of Science.

Penny Ratcliffe - Trust Mathematics Champion


Penny joined Reevy Hill, part of Leading Learners, as a class teacher in September 2015.  With over 20 years of classroom experience as a teacher, Penny has worked across both key stages within many schools and has been a maths subject leader for over 15 years. Currently, Penny is the Deputy Headteacher at Reevy Hill and leads on curriculum development within her school. Penny has a passion for maths and ensuring that children are given the essential life skills that they need to be numerate now and beyond primary school into the next stage of their education journey. Penny sees maths as just a complex system that can be broken down into very simple, logical parts that can be easily understood by children given the right experiences and challenges.  As part of her role, Penny leads on ensuring children across the Trust schools are given high quality, engaging experiences and challenges to help them navigate mathematics at their level.  

Lil Curr - Trust Computing Champion


Lil has worked across the Trust, previously at Worth Valley Primary and currently at Reevy Hill Primary, teaching and leading computing at both schools. The provision of an effective online safety curriculum is very important to Lil due to it permeating all aspects of life. She prides herself in working to ensure that children have the knowledge to keep themselves safe online and how to make correct decisions should something worry them online. Lil enjoys the pleasure children get when they can make a film or plan and produce their own video games. She hopes that the computing she teaches will stay with the children in the trust for years to come. Lil is proud to be the Leading Learners Trust Computing Champion and enjoys sharing her skills and expertise with other staff from the Trust schools

Salma Riaz - Trust Religious Education Champion


Salma joined Reevy Hill in September 2017.. She is currently the Geography Lead in school as well as the RE Champion for the Trust. Salma is committed to supporting teaching staff to ensure the highest quality of both teaching and learning is established across the Trust. Within her role, she supports in planning and resourcing engaging lessons to establish a love for learning for all pupils. She is aware of the challenges in society today and is passionate about ensuring that all pupils are tooled with the awareness of diversity and identity. Salma is keen to make sure children have the Cultural Capital experiences which will open the hearts and minds of all our children within the Trust.

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